Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday February 13th - gotta love snow

This weekend was a great weekend to enjoy the outdoors.  We got another 8 inches of snow, trees were covered when we woke up Saturday morning, it looked like a winter wonderland.  Its so peaceful being at the cottage, there are only a few other cottagers who come up over the winter months, its so nice to be away from the city noise and traffic.  A few people were out on the lake ice fishing, some with their kids, others with their friends.  Its a great time to get together and relax and just catch up.  I spent the day with my hubby and the boys, we went snowmobiling then the boys wanted me to catch some photos of them playing hockey.  I must say I am blessed, how many families can say they spend this much time with their teenagers on weekends.


  1. Oh, I agree with all that beauty and nature I surely would have a respite. Your blog is wonderful.


  2. Your cottage sounds perfect & it's so wonderful that you can enjoy all that great family time together!