Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Maple Syrup time

Ahh... I love this time of year, means that spring is right around the corner.  As the snow melts and the weather warms, we find ourselves in maple syrup season.  Its a short one, lucky if we can tap for a week.  We've been tapping for the last few days and manage to get enough water to make 2 litres of maple syrup.  My son tapped about 5 trees, we got about 60 litres of water over the last few days.  The weather turned cold yesterday and froze everything, but we managed to get the water thawed out and boiled all day and night.  This morning, we finished the batch and mmmmm..... delicious homemade maple syrup on french toast.  What more can we ask for today.  What I refer to as "Liquid Gold".  Its our family tradition, we've been doing it for over 15 years, ever since an older gentleman in his 80's told us the secrets to making our own.

If you'd like some tips and tricks, let me know.


  1. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! FYI, not sure if it's my computer but your blog took a long time to load! I was just about to give up and here it is. So lovely. I love maple syrup!!

  2. I've read/heard about this before. It sounds won-der-ful!!! Enjoy Mother Nature's treat!

  3. What a great idea! Especially with the prices of maple syrup being what they are!